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Approaching Content Marketing Offline

In the content marketing world, we often times focus on producing videos, white papers, blog articles and other online first strategies and sometimes fail to consider that offline content campaigns can also generate positive results for our marketing efforts.

With such a large population of consumers connected to social networks on mobile devices, appealing offline content can reach a wider audience by enticing social sharing. Businesses should still consider the value that offline campaigns can provide and test a variety of strategies to supplement their current content marketing campaigns.

For example, the Marvel marketing team began promoting the upcoming movie, “Ant-Man” by creating and distributing tiny billboards around Brisbane, Australia.

A tiny “Ant-Man” billboard spotted in Australia. [Photo by Reddit user CameraMan1]

Marvel’s unique strategy worked because it played to the interests of it’s audience and in return, they began snapping photos, sharing on their social channels and blogging about the tiny billboards online. This further extended the reach of their promotions and became valuable content marketing for the campaign moving forward.

In a similarly popular offline campaign, Honest Tea integrates popular quotes and memos under the bottle cap of their products. Consumers often take photos of their favorite sayings and publish these posts to their social media accounts, which helps Honest Tea create earned media.


In addition, Honest Tea supplements their offline marketing by promoting these images taken by their customers through their social networks, which encourages more of their audience to share and create similar content. By adding the universal hashtag #CapWisdom, Honest Tea can better measure the effectiveness of their offline campaigns.

When looking to build an offline campaign of your own, consider the following strategies:

  • Tie the content offline to a greater campaign happening online.
  • Develop engaging offline content that warrants sharing across social media.
  • Promote the user generated content created from these activations among your existing audiences across social media, your blog or elsewhere to encourage even more sharing.

Has your organization considered producing content offline? How would you best integrate your approach online and offline to ensure results from your efforts? Do you like the campaigns discussed above? Share your thoughts with us.

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